Gateway to MIRA Technology Park

Being in the geographic and automotive centre of the UK puts MIRA Technology Park tenants in pole position for transport development. The purpose-designed campus offers a range of serviced office space, fully equipped serviced workshops, secure workshop / office units and bespoke design buildings.  Its proximity to world-class facilities and engineers creates a unique collaborative environment. Working together in a secure environment allows resident companies to develop competitive products quickly and cost-effectively.

  • Closest mainline station for rail access to MIRA Technology Park

MIRA Technology Park’s campus extends over 335 hectares surrounded by beautiful British countryside. It is fully equipped and designed to provide resident companies with everything they need and an outstanding working environment; helping them to recruit and retain the best talent. Onsite amenities include a gym and sports facilities and a Costa coffee shop.

Three universities have a presence on site for automotive and skills development. Specialist engineering and management education training is provided through the MIRA Technology Institute, ensuring that companies based at MIRA Technology Park are able to recruit and train the skills they need for their operations.

Companies already on site include:

MIRA Technology Park’s tenants can leverage HORIBA MIRA’s unique combination of test facilities and engineering resources. Capabilities enable you to undertake cutting-edge research and product development involving design, simulation, testing, development and certification processes to deliver world-class automotive and transport products.

MIRA Technology Park is more than a place of business. It’s a world-class destination.